play it back

It only took us 3 seconds to realize that this is what we were meant to do. Michael Jordan was born to play ball, Michael Jackson was meant to sing Thriller while Kevin Bacon was made to dance....and we, we were meant to design awesome 80's art. But we don't limit ourselves to that, because why would we


It must have been Elizabeth Shue's hair against the golden background of the sun or it might have been the countless nights I dreamt about Ridgemont High, maybe it was those torn cheesy covers  of old VHS horror films that were prohibited by mom and dad. It was something about those years, those years that had to be played back.


We design awesome (that's our opinion) art and videos, we are all about having that "cool" factor in our work, while trying to take you back a few decades into the past.  Yet, we are more than that and we wont limit ourselves only to 80's imagery, because why would we?

         The PLAYBACK Collective are

Erick Solis - Designer/Editor/Web Designer/Camera Operator/Director/Co-Founder

Ricardo Trevino - Assistant/Co-Founder/Really Cool Dude

Elizabeth Salazar - Assistant/Web Manager/Really Awesome Too (Her words)